STAB is a dynamically developing private company and since 1976 has specialized in the production of high quality injection- and die casting moulds.
Over time Stab has established itself in the automotive field reaching high quality standards.
STAB is a forward-looking company and a continuously growing enterprise. In fact, to our traditional factory of 2000 m2 we have added a further 5000 m2, showing the desire of self-improvement, innovation and customer care.
Qualification and technology innovation enable STAB to win a leading role in design and construction of moulds for the injection of plastic materials and die-casting. The philosophy that STAB has followed, permits STAB to offer a complete service to customers, managing every aspects of the production process, from design to delivery of the finished mould with testing service.
Due to the experience gained over the past 40 years in business, specialized skills, continuous research for cutting-edge technological choices, culture of quality and productive versatility STAB ensures the highest standard of competence in finding the most innovative solutions to answer technical issues of its customers.


Over 40 years of presence on the Italian market and high-quality products have given STAB the opportunity to develop and gain new markets. New collaboration with customers in European countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland, has given us new challenges to expand into new markets.