The design of a mould means converting an idea into a product. The active interaction with the client enables us to realise his requests in the most accurate way. Our technical department is able to realise the 3D mathematics of the object useful to the design of the mould. All the CAM/CAD work stations utilise PTC CREOand NX Siemens are inter-connected through our intranet system software and supply our technical office with important technological support. This equipment with the experience specialization and training of our team allow us to deal with different issues in order to offer best performance. The solutions tend to the efficiency of our production process and each phase of the project development is monitored via internal check/test and an updated planning.


The mould construction department is the heart of the company. Modern machines and equipment permit us to manufacture both small and medium moulds (up to 20 tons) to an extremely high quality. Our machines are always updated and renewed, permitting us to offer high-precision, high-quality mould manufacturing and guaranteeing the optimisation of time. Once again many years of experience and training of the personnel are foundations for the company’s growth and improvement in order to guarantee the reliability of our products and satisfy the ever-increasing technological demands of the European market. Every step of the production chain is controlled and verified by experienced staff members. DOWNLOAD OUT MACHINE PARK >


The assembly department is equipped with two working area to perform the assembling of new moulds and to manage modifications. The department is coordinated by a manager with a solid experience who controls the work and serves as a technical contact and is connected with all the other departments. It is possible to visualize the mould project by a 3D interface in each of the stations in order to make all the necessary technical information of the production process accessible. Our production department has a location dedicated to mirror polishing and grid polishing with controlled roughness. We can also handle modifications of moulds in a short space of time, ensuring active support during interventions in order to guarantee the best technical solution.


The activities of inspection and testing of moulds built by STAB have become strategic for the company and include a test of quality, efficiency and reliability in order to intervene in time with corrective solutions. Our department is equipped with injection presses up to 530 tons that allow us to meet customer’s needs by providing a range of pre-series tests to ensure correct functioning as well as first product assessments. In addition we give clients sampling assistance with an expert toolmaker that can provide all useful information to find the best moulding conditions and the most efficient process parameters.


Technology innovation, qualification and a huge experience are the main characteristics that make STAB a leader company in designing and producing plastic injection moulds. We manage every aspect of the production process, from designing, producing, testing and finally delivering the mould to the client.